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Large range of accessories to help make that gorgeous outfit perfect, for all those sticky situations where your bra straps are showing we have clear straps and bra buddies to conceal the ugly strap situation - these accessories come in handy.

The boob accessories - the ever so popular chicken fillets and bossom buddies which are inserted into your bra of choice to give the ultimate lift and cleavage to any look. These silicon inserts are the less invasive and cheaper option of a boob job cosmetic surgery costing only $19.95 - $39.95 instead of $5000 - $20000.

We can do almost anything these days from nipple covers to double sided tape yes thats the hollywood tape great for keeping your dress in place and your breasts out of the public eye, taping up a dropped hem - the perfect much needed accessory for any purse on a night out. Braza bras and reveal tape works like a bandaid keeping your bust lifted and in place making a great bra accessory to have for those special dresses and occasions.

Last but not least the all important lingerie accessory - the wash bag great for all your intimates to keep them safe whist in the wash.