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The right panty will always depend on the occasion. There are different panties for different women of different ages and sizes. Most women rarely pay much attention to their panties with the notion that it is an undergarment and will not be visible to the public eye. In fact, only some women choose their panties carefully and will only be mindful of them if they have a healthy sex life. What one should know is that a person’s garment can tell you a lot about the personality of a person. For instance, women who wear undergarments that have got animation and cartoon characters on them are generally outgoing and fun to be with. The different occasions that will influence the choice of a panty are: -


The usual career woman will hardly put on flashy undergarments like brightly colored thongs because she would like to be taken serious at her workplace. Her choice of panties will tend to be classy, well fit panties that do not show visible panty lines. This will differ with the performer or dancer she will want to wear nothing but flashy bright colored thongs that are in perfect line with her occupation.


The size of a panty will always matter. Sometimes women add and lose weight drastically, and it becomes pointless to try and wear a loose-fitting panty. It might also be dangerous from a health and hygienic perspective to put on a tight panty.

Style and Design

With different designs daily emerging there are different vast designs of panties to choose from. It all depends on taste and preference of the wearer.

If you are also among those women, who give special attention to their undergarments and take care of their style and personality, while choosing them, you have come to the right place. We have a great variety of panties, bras, bridal lingerie, hosiery lingerie, swimwear that are definitely going to attract you. These are available in new and latest designs that are meant to spice up your sex life. From lacy panties to matching thongs, there is something for everyone to indulge in.